Enneagram Professional Training Program: The Typing Process (online)

The Typing Process (Section 2)

ONLINE: The Typing Process

Whether you choose the Practitioners or Teachers track, all participants in the Enneagram Professional Training Program start with the Typing Process. You may begin this program without a commitment to complete either track.

(Begin here for the certification track for either Narrative Enneagram Teachers or Practitioners)

In this expertly constructed training, you will learn how to facilitate self-discovery in your clients. From neuroscience we know that learning through experience rather than being given an insight is hugely impactful in creating new neural pathways that transform rather than merely inform.

You will learn step-by-step how to conduct typing interviews to assist Enneagram newcomers in determining their type. You will develop articulate questions, learn the process of inquiry and how to listen deeply, and provide interviewees with guidance that allows them to discover their Enneagram type.

Modules include differentiating one type from another, non-verbal aspects of type, and knowledge of your own biases in conducting interviews. The training culminates in a rare hands-on opportunity to practice your skills by interviewing volunteers from the community, with feedback from instructors.

The overall purpose of this process is to help clients discover what motivates patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Type cannot be determined from external behaviors but only from a deeper understanding of focus of attention, underlying motivations and lived experience.

This course is approved for 11.75 Core Competencies and 8.75 Resource Development hours by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

To learn more or for registration questions, contact Registrar at 866-241-6162, ext. 1 (toll-free) or +1 303-305-4362 outside the U.S.